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Manifesting Secrets Of The Soul

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In theory, you know that you are the powerful Creator of your human experience.

In real life, however, you are still left scratching your head, wondering how the heck you created THAT?

And so you make up stories - about the Universe and how it works.

Stories like ...

  • I must have had a lesson to learn that I don't really understand.
  • The Universe is telling me that maybe it's not supposed to be!
  • This must simply not be aligned to my path and purpose.

Unfortunately, these stories are simply the ways we try to explain away our ineffective attempts at creating our reality.  They've become acceptable over time because no-one truly understands why certain intentions don't manifest.  But they are also highly disempowering rationalizations that stand between us and our manifesting abilities.

You ARE the powerful Creator of your own reality. You ARE the Universe!  So ... your will IS done.

Nothing shows up unless you choose it - consciously OR unconsciously.

The Truth is that you are already a powerful manifestor. You are already creating your experience. You’re just not doing so consciously.

And that’s okay.

There’s a LOT of understanding that has, until recently, been unavailable. It’s only now that consciousness on our planet has shifted and we are able to truly create all that we want that new information has come to light.

You see, manifesting is not a one-size-fits-all process. You can stick all the vision boards you want on your wall. You can say affirmations all day long. You can write down your intentions, do energy clearing work, and study Universal Law.

But in the end, the key to manifesting mastery is your SOUL.

The Soul is your most ignored, untapped, spiritual power tool available to you.

Ready to start consciously manifesting more of what you want? Then download my free report, “Manifesting Secrets of the Soul” and let’s get started!

Andrrea Hess is a psychic, spiritual teacher, and the creator of Soul Realignment, an intuitive healing modality focused on reading and clearing the Soul in the Akashic Records.  She has trained over a thousand Practitioners in more than forty countries worldwide.

Andrrea is a self-confessed geek when it comes to the Soul, and how we manifest our reality.

"There is no limit to what we can create in our experience - but we have to align with our Soul's design for manifestation, or we just end up working against ourselves.  Each and every one of us is designed to manifest differently.  Invariably, the path into abundance is the path of self-knowledge."

Andrrea helps her clients create an abundant experience for themselves  that is an expression of who they truly are, at Soul-level.  In 2014, she used her own methodology to create over a million dollars in revenue.

Unleash Your Soul's Potential.  Change Your Reality.

Get the Free Report Now

Manifesting Secrets Of The Soul

I value your privacy and would never spam you